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The Next Generation HVAC
Flat Rate Pricing System Is Here

There's a difference between owning a flat rate pricing system and making money with one.

First, it has to be easy enough to use it'll get used on every service call. Next, it needs to be easy enough to administer from your office. But that's just the beginning.

There's plenty that impacts your revenue per service call before and after pricing is presented. If your Flat Rate Pricing Solution isn't handling ALL these issues, it's only a half-solution.

Picture Perfect Pricing is an iPad-based flat-rate pricing solution. Sure, it's easy to use; if your techs can use an iPad, they can use our solution. And yes, it's easy to administer. But that's just for starters.

Picture Perfect Pricing starts with the diagnostic and ends with the invoice.

The result:

Repair and replace choices are professionally presented without asking your tech to be a salesperson. Which means more revenue per call, more Service Agreements sold and happier, more comfortable customers who will call you first next time.

Watch the video. Schedule a one-on-one online demonstration. Then try the product free for 30 days and decide for yourself.

Picture Perfect Pricing

More Than Flat Rate Pricing:

  • Use as an iPad/Tablet app or book
  • A great conversation starter for techs
  • Starts with the diagnostic and ends at the invoice
  • Service Agreement savings are shown next to the cost of every repair.
  • Sell more repairs per call -- diagnostic screen presents "Should Do" along with "Must Do" repairs
  • Customers can build their own invoice with familiar shopping cart and check out process.
  • Coupons, special offers, videos and brochures are a tap away for your techs.
  • Comes complete with major manufacturers' parts and standard repair time estimates.
  • Easy to make your own; add your logo, greeting, hourly rates, service agreement discounts, your own repairs, pictures, videos and more with just a few keystrokes. Override any price just as easily.
  • All changes sync with iPads – everybody's on the same page.
  • Being in the Cloud means no software to install or maintain.

Introducing Picture Perfect Pricing
The Next Generation HVAC Flat Rate Pricing Book