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Flat Rate Pricing

A Powerful AND AFFORDABLE System for HVAC Contractors

Sell More and Better Service with the Picture Perfect Pricing System

Get Organized & Get More Service Done!

Picture Perfect Pricing was created because HVAC dealers, distributors and local contractors needed a better way to run their business at the point of service beyond the good old fashioned price book.

Picture Perfect Pricing helps you sell more service

The Picture Perfect Pricing system is practical software that gets your service business more organized so that you can better manage your technicians and simply Get More Service Done.

By using Picture Perfect Pricing, your team and service call will be better organized, your clients will be impressed and your business will grow.

Collaborate with Your Team, Clients & Partners

Using our HVAC Software, dealers, distributors, local contractors and your team will know what the latest products, parts and service they have available at the point of service. Technicians will know exactly where to find the most current products, parts and services that they need. And so will the customer.

Improve How Everyone Shares and Communicates

Whether it’s back at the office, with the distributor or dealer, you can keep up to date with what’s going on, which means a more efficient and better way to serve the final customer. And it’s not just stuck on an order sheet or sticky note: using your iPad app, your team can do the work where they need to get done. It doesn’t matter if that’s at the workshop, in the truck or at the customer location. Once you use Picture Perfect Pricing, you won’t know how you ever managed just using a Price Book and a clipboard.

Product, Parts & Service Information in One Place

Picture Perfect Pricing gives you the Product, Parts and Service information you need, so you know exactly where your service business stands at any given moment both in the office and in the field.

Take a Little Stress out of Running Your Business

You can feel confident in the decisions that you make about how to best manage your service teams. Add in some accountability, time management and reporting and it’s easy to see why many local contractors use Picture Perfect Pricing to take a little more stress out of running their business.

Use the Best Flat Rate System to Fit your Brand

Local contractors choose us because not only does our systems do more than flat pricing, but it helps them improve their local brand with a tool that is a competitive difference maker.

Software Features that Our Competitors Can’t Match

Dealers and distributors choose our systems because it helps them efficiently and rapidly promote products, parts and offers to their local contractors.

The Next Generation HVAC Flat Rate Pricing System is Here


Flat Rate Pricing




Customer Management




Repair & Replace



Flat Rate Pricing is just the starting point …

  • Easy enough to use it'll get used on every service call
  • A great conversation starter for your technicians
  • Starts with the diagnostic and ends with the invoice
  • Before and after pricing is presented to the customer
  • Customers can build their own invoice with familiar shopping cart and check out process
  • If your techs can use an iPad, they can use our solution
  • Coupons, special offers, videos and brochures are a tap away for your techs.
  • Repair and replace choices are professionally presented without asking your tech to be a salesperson
  • Easy enough to administer from your office
  • Customize with your logo, hourly rates, service agreements, repairs, pictures, videos and more with just a few keystrokes
  • Comes complete with major manufacturers' parts and standard repair time estimates

Customers experience the following benefits …

  • Making more money per call
  • Sell more repairs per call
  • More loyal customers and service agreements
  • Up and running support
  • Being in the Cloud means no software to install or maintain
  • All changes are synced so everybody's on the same page
  • 30-day money back guarantee

See what makes Picture Perfect Pricing such a great fit for your business…

Here's what some of our customers have to say

Melissa Olson, Purchasing Manager

We have been using the flat rate books provided by HVAC Business Solutions for about 5 years now and it’s been a positive, profitable decision. Recently, we worked with HVAC Business Solutions on re-issuing our flat rate books, and the experience was nothing but easy and professional. The staff was courteous and quick to respond, and they worked hard to help us customize our books to fit our needs. They we so accommodating and willing to work with us on some of our more unusual requests. The technology of being able to adjust pricing, update and customize individual pages, add new products and print as needed from their website are all phenomenal features. Creating a flat rate book can be a time consuming and daunting task, but HVAC Business Solutions makes it easy. We look forward to a long lasting relationship between Bob’s Heating & HVAC Business Solutions.”

Melissa Olson, Purchasing Manager Bob's Heating & Air Conditioning