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These are some of the features, that make

the Picture Perfect Pricing Software the best

software for HVAC contractors and dealers

More than just HVAC Flat Rate Pricing

Picture Perfect Pricing is a complete HVAC Software Solution

Picture Perfect Pricing is the next generation HVAC flat rate software for the HVAC industry. HVAC flat rate pricing is now made simple and easy for the contractor to use and the customer to experience.

Picture Perfect Pricing is still available as a printed HVAC flat rate software or even better with our iPad application.

Your brand and all pricing, repairs, videos, brochures and more are managed through our web-based system. With a few keystrokes, dealers can update their entire HVAC flat rate price book.

With the Picture Perfect Pricing HVAC flat rate pricing system, HVAC technicians are equipped with another tool in their bag to be better service professionals while selling more product, repairs and valued service per visit all while upgrading customers to a service agreement.

There’s plenty that impacts your revenue per service call before and after pricing is presented.

If your Flat Rate Pricing Software isn’t handling ALL these features, it’s only a half-solution.

Here are just some of the features in in the Picture Perfect Pricing HVAC Flat Rate Software

  • Update pricing any time, day or night
  • Update entire price book in seconds
  • Override any price
  • HVAC flat rate software displays potential savings to help technicians sell service agreements
  • View videos and product literature
  • Repairs efficiently organized – easy to find and explain repairs
  • Available for purchase or lease
  • Web-based administration module means no software to download or maintain
  • Setup process is quick and easy
  • Print manual on demand
  • Pricing reviewed by wholesalers and contractors across the country
  • and more …

Flat Rate Pricing

The Picture Perfect Pricing Flat Rate Software helps HVAC technicians sell more

  • Use an iPad-based flat-rate pricing solution or print your book
  • Coupons, special offers, videos and brochures are a tap away for your technicians
  • Update your entire price book in seconds
  • All changes sync with iPads so everyone in the office and field is on the same page
  • Easy enough to use it’ll get used on every service call


It all begins with the best diagnostics tool. Technicians can now present a complete diagnostic of the equipment condition with just a few taps on their iPad.

  • Give the customer more choices, the diagnostic screen presents “Should Do” along with “Must Do” repairs
  • The customer knows: What was checked
  • The customer knows: What’s fine
  • The customer knows: What should be repaired
  • The customer knows: What must be repaired

Repair & Replace

Repair and Replace choices are professionally presented to the customer without asking your technician to become a professional salesperson.

  • Lets the technician talk about what he knows best ??? the Repair
  • Lets the iPad do the “Should Repair” selling
  • Technician can??easily present components that are OK, Should be Repaired and Must be Repaired
  • Technician can add the repairs to a shopping cart
  • The customer is more informed about what what, why and how they will pay for


Customers and technicians build their invoice together with familiar shopping cart and checkout process.

  • The customer’s happier: the customer is more informed, the transaction is made simpler and the process is more familiar with this type of pricing approach
  • The technician’s happier: If they can use an iPad they can make a more professional presentation. The iPad helps with the selling process from diagnosis and pricing, all the way through to presenting the invoice. Plus, the technician can answer pricing and invoice objections better.
  • You are. . .well, you are ecstatic: More repairs are sold per call, more sales per year per tech, more Service Agreements sold, AND a happier customer who is comfortable enough with the experience they will call you first the next time.

Customer Management

First impressions make a big difference. With Picture Perfect Pricing, the technician walks into the repair well prepared.

  • Know your customer better – A great conversation starter for technicians and the customer
  • Manage your customer relationships and your team’s contact from scheduling service, invoicing, payment receipt, service agreements and more
  • Maintain a detailed list of accounts for when sales occur and track important service requests
  • The complete history of each customer is always available in Picture Perfect Pricing


  • Quickly sort through your data to the information you need at the office or for the field
  • Make Sense of Your Data and create summary reports to get a bird’s-eye view of your service business
  • Share With Your Team at the office or online and choose which is the best way to share information
  • Have access to a “dashboard” of key performance metrics to help make smart business decisions

And More

  • Use our Service Agreements feature at the point of service to develop more loyal customers
  • Use our dispatch feature to manage service calls more efficiently
  • Use our QuickBooks Integration Feature to help manage your financials
  • Use our Cloud Content and Management System which means no software to install or maintain
  • Use our Administrative Management features to customize your experience
  • Add your logo, hourly rates, discounts, coupons, repairs, pictures, videos and more
  • Come prepared with major manufacturers’ parts and standard repair time estimates